February 21, 2007

Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker (but not so good for 17 year olds)

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Busy little bees this week! I have been accused repeatedly of trying to poison the first year cohort with our vile library lollipops. Boohoo, whine, etc… for goodness sake, people, I ain’t rammin’ them down their precious little throats…


1) Today’s web is all about creating and sharing and stuff…(blah blah blah) and I reckon ( is just about the best example I’ve seen. It’s…it’s…well, basically it’s a big circle picture made up of lots of people’s little pictures, but this crappy description doesn’t do this site any justice at all. Just go look, okay?

2) Anyone reading from overseas who wants to know anything about Australia should take a look at Picture Australia ( – as should any naughty Australian readers who haven’t ever heard of this! The National library has been digitizing old photos of Australia and its people and putting them up in this free database. If you love old photos (and let me tell you, the old fashion model photos are worth it, people) Picture Australia is worth a good time-wastey hour or two…

3) And finally, this (,20867,21231464-29677,00.html) must be about the most disgusting thing I have ever heard of a pet-lover doing…


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