February 7, 2007

“Life is too short for a long story”…does that count for journal articles too?

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Bad week – no sleep, bad back, and my article is about half as long as it has to be. Never mind, I love Endnote. Five journals, five different styles, 5000 words to reformat? No wuckers. Anyway, here are your 3 sites …

1) Much as I hate to spruik Google products, it’s always worth heading over to Google Labs to see what they’re working on. Today’s suggestion is GoogleMars ( – you know GoogleEarth and how everyone’s mad about that? Well, this is Mars. It’s pretty darn stunning, and I’m in no way a science freak. I promise!

2) Look out! It’s the Pikachizer! ( Translate any webpage into Pikachu speak instantly. Hours of (highly irreverent) fun. Read the New York Times in Pikachese (?). Hmm, we have a web portal to “translation tools” on our library homepage – dare I add this?

3) And finally, for anyone DYING to take a look at the cover for the final Harry Potter, this is for you…don’t say I didn’t warn you… (


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