January 31, 2007

“Haul up the flag, you mourners, Not half-mast but all the way; The funeral is done and disbanded; The devil’s had the final say.”

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A short week, a long weekend – and don’t you just need a weekend-end to recover from it! Special snaps to Sydney’s BDO organizers for taking back their ridiculous ‘ban’ on the Australian flag – as our PM most eloquently put it (thereby proving that FAR too much crack is smoked in Canberra) “Flags don’t have arms or legs.” Whether this means that A) the flag isn’t responsible for violence, or B) all the flags that bought BDO tickets and then couldn’t walk or drive to the venue really needed someone to carry them, I guess we’ll never know….

But what we WILL know is this week’s time-wastery treats!

1) A game my 16-year old (today! Happy bd Larry! ) brother can surely vouch for, “The Profane Game”. ( The rules: Get points by typing profane words in the box. No guesses as to whether or not this takes Australian swear words too, but get creative, people! Break that record!

2) I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned BookCrossing yet! Lax, naughty dwarf! (Although seeing as half of you reading probably came over from BookCrossing or a similar site, perhaps it’s a moot point!) Anyway BookCrossing ( is a wonderful experiment in “literary karma”. 1 – get a book you don’t want anymore. 2 – register it on BookCrossing. 3 – leave it somewhere, and make a release note on the site saying where it is. 4 – sit back and wait – if someone finds it, you’ll get an email telling you who they are (roughly), what they thought of it and where they’re releasing it next! If the randomness of it all is a bit too much, there are hundreds of affiliated book swapping and sharing sites you can use in combination to make sure your book has a safe journey. Read and Release!

3) More YouTube – this one thanks to Koji from the BA First Year English Lounge blog. Just when you thought it was all too much for you, along came Japanese game shows…educational Japanese game shows!


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