January 17, 2007

The Road to Hell…etc…

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Promised to blog while in Spain…I know, I know. I had enough trouble trying to find a post office, thankyou very much, let alone sit in EasyInternetCafe long enough to blog without getting my bag stolen!

Now I’m back, and I guess I owe you all, so here are some treats. Say thankyou…

1) In the grand old tradition of Overheard At The Beach and Overheard In New York, I bring you…the Overheard In The Library blog! ( Hillarious real stories from real librarians, classics from real patrons and colleagues. Example: Overheard at the library – “I’m not making any more wedding cakes. Every time I do, I have to chase cows!”. Wonderful!

2) You probably know by now that funky young librarians can tell you pretty much anything you need to know. Back in the mid 1990’s before there were funky young librarians (they graduated old and crabby back then) people had to rely on a weekly column called “The Straight Dope.” Some enterprising soul has put the entire Straight Dope archive online AND made it searchable, so you can just bypass us funky young librarians and find everything you ever wanted to know at Ever want to know What are the REAL lyrics to “Louie Louie”? or Will poppy-seed bagels cause you to fail a drug test? The Straight Dope knows the answer.

3) Finally, another YouTube clip. Cascada dances around a Library (capital L – it has a card catalogue and everything! Where did she ever manage to find a library with a card catalogue?) and flirts with the Guy-Brarian therein. Please, for the love of god, don’t try this down at your local library…


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