December 12, 2006

“When a subject becomes totally obsolete we make it a required course…”

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Well, I passed Enterprise Architectures, so I won’t have to repeat it – yay! Although I do miss the good old GPA-of-6.25 days… whoever said studying and working full time would work has a lot to answer for!

This week at work is REEEEEEEEAL slow – and it’s only going to get worse as Christmas rolls round. I have been doing plenty of….ehem, “research”…. over the past few days, and offer up the fruits of my not-particularly-labourious labour below:

1) One crazy project I’ve had this week is to explore the possibility of liberrian-ing in Second Life. Although my personal opinion is that my workplace is probably throwing themselves into this (and pretty much all other Web 2.0 technology) just for the sake of saying they can, lots of libraries are already strutting their virtual stuff in SL. Two of the most notable Aussie SL Librarians blog at Take a look if you like, crazy stuff. At least there’s not a virtual twin-set anywhere to be seen…

2) Fantastic Fiction ( is a wonderful resource, a database of fiction titles, series, authors and genres. I use it to BookCross. I use it to review. Hell, if I was a public librarian, I’d probably use it to choose 90% of my fiction budget (damn you, Economics!) I am notorious for finding parts 2 and 3 of a tetralogy and stubbornly refusing to get rid of them until I have read the series. At least on FF I can find the titles, then go on Amazon and whine about how I can’t afford the shipping. Good times.

3) If I die, I never want to come back as an ABS statistician…I’m now at least 85% sure that it was my ABS stats collection at work that gave me legionaire’s disease or whatever it was last week. So I’m directing traffic this week to the ABS website, The more hits they get, the more they might justify digitizing, and make my life that much easier (and less prone to the black lung!) Seriously though, their site has stats and figures for pretty much any Australian question you have. And now it’s free, so no more hassling the State Library! Leave them to cry over their ugly uniforms, and throw spitballs across the river at the City Council building! Get your own damn stats, people!

I leave you now to go back to (apparently) what I spent all that money to get a masters for – looking up my work on Technorati to find out what students are saying about us, and playing with the pie chart feature on indicators databases. 8 work days ’til Christmas… may it be a mantra to you too!


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