December 6, 2006

Sydney is Jeffrey Archer’s second favourite city on earth…

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What does that tell you, eh?

Anyway, Sydney was marvelous to visit (couldn’t EVER live there), conference was reasonably good fun, and lots and lots of thanks to my lovely Sydney friend who showed me a good time around the city not once, but two nights in a row! (lucky girl!!)

Thought this week I’d share a couple of sites mentioned at NLS2006 (gasp! things librarians thought were fun!). I think this post counts as professional development, then. Maybe I get a certificate or something…

1) The President of IFLA, when he wasn’t showing off pictures of excellently tasty library buildings around the world [ie library manager porn] was showing off “You don’t look like a librarian!” Images, news stories, articles etc about stereotype librarians vs real librarians. Oh, I don’t look like a librarian either, dear… left my bondage costume and comfortable shoes in the car again. What is it with Guybrarians?

2) This site wias given as the perfect example of Shaping the User Experience – You log in, start rating movies you’ve seen, and after about 4 or 5 entries the database starts suggesting other movies you might like, going by what you’ve rated and tagged a movie as and what other people have rated and tagged movies as. Now people, no tagging Ella Enchanted as porn…

3) Not an NLS site, but also sent to me by a librarian – The site creator is doing a PhD on cover songs (“Meh?”, I hear you say? You heard aright!) and has a comprehensive database of songs and artists, who they’ve covered and who covers them. The random “Did you know” sidebar is good for hours of fun, browsing and inane dinner party conversation. “Did you know Hung Up by Madonna was originally written by Benny Goeran Andersson, Björn K. Ulvaeus and performed by ABBA in 1979?” Did you care? I didn’t think so…

Until next time, my dears – with a promise to be more prompt, and not let any silly little CRIPPLING DEBILITATING PLAGUE stand in between me and providing you with links to waste your time. I cough on you all!


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