November 25, 2006

Like a caveman…touched for the very first time…

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I’m sitting at work on a wireless tablet PC blogging in the middle of a total network outage. GOD I rock! Seriously, people are NOT impressed. Imagine, coming to a library and not being able to do anything but READ THE BOOKS!! Gasp! Anyway, before my wireless quota runs out (or the lights go out, nothing would surprise me today) here are your 3 links for today:

1) Some of you may know I’ve been dieting recently. It’s very important when you’re dieting to keep your morale up (almost as important as not eating peanut butter straight out of the jar) and humor is a fantastic way to morale-icate. So for laughs – and to ensure I never want to eat again – I’ve been turning to Lilek’s Gallery of Regrettable Food ( any time I feel like cake. Anything that makes carbs look like vomited-up cottage cheese is MORALE, baby! Plus, great for a giggle.

2) I looked around for other librarians who blog (and who do a better job than me!) and found Librarian Avengers ( Librarians (and the cats who love them) after my own heart!!

3) Ooh, I’ve never uploaded a video before…aquiver with anticipation. I hope this will suffice this week – a great little clip from the UQ Law Revue 2005 they showed us in a library presentation on copyright…

Enjoy!! Next week I will be blogging either a little early or a lot late – off to the New Librarians’ Symposium in Sydney!


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