November 17, 2006

Weather forecast for tonight: dark.

Filed under: Books, Comics, Humor — liberrydwarf @ 5:53 pm

Crazy-assed weather we’ve been having lately, right? Who’d have ever thought to wear thick tights in November (that’s southern hemisphere November, you Northie imperialists!)

In honour of strange November snow, here’s this week’s three treats.

1) has some cute Calvin and Hobbes snow cartoons I like. I have a healthy respect (and certain level of kindred spirit-ness) for that poor maladjusted child…

2) . What do our kitten-huffing friends over at Uncyclopedia have to say about snow?

3) Not related to snow in the slightest, but rather to that STILL ever-increasing pile of books I have to read. The guardian ran a poll last year on “The best geek novels written in English since 1932”. Their top 20 is at the following address: I’m embarrased (?) to say I’ve only read three of their top 20! Hmm, time to get reading!

5 weeks to Christmas/Spain, and no sign of Himself’s passport on the horizon… sigh…


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