November 10, 2006

There’s a lot of bad “isms” floating around this world, but one of the worst is commercialism…

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Hello all,

I got some feedback this week regarding my post about last week – seems my posting commercial sites is unpopular. Very well, she says in an eager helpful voice. From this point forward, fun of the non-paymental variety only will be offered up in the Liberry. (cheapskate!)

1) Today’s first treat fits well with the pirate jokes and useless facts of a fortnight ago. (How did that party go? You know I’m talking about you, right…?) Latin is excellent. Latin speaker are witty, get all the potential partners and go on to become film stars, political leaders or really top-notch chefs. Therefore I present to you Handy Latin Phrases at Try one! Fac me cocleario vomere! See, how cool am I?

2) Found this little gem out there – I heartily recommend. Particularly if, like me, you work in the public service industry. I personally will be trying out #27 on this list at work at the library on Monday (particularly since it’s exam week…).

3) At the moment I’ve got a pile of books to read taller than I am, and am sorta missing the hour long bus trip to work I gave up recently to drive in like a grownup instead. If I could somehow read when I drive… well, I’ve taken a look at a free podcast magazine called MechMuse ( original and re-published fiction in an audio format. And it appears to feature some quite famous print authors – Kevin J Anderson, David Farland and Miles Romney, for 3 examples. Of course this in no way solves my problem, just gives me an extra excuse for a car accident every morning. I tell ya, I got it coming…

Until next week, children, as the Romans would have said…Totum dependeat!!


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